About us

Why do we do what we do?

With over 20 years in property syndication, we know that it offers a viable path for New Zealanders from a range of walks of life to sustainably grow their financial assets over time. It’s our passion to use our knowledge, experience and skill to grow people’s individual wealth through the power of collective investment.

Who are we?

Whilst the name Quarry Capital Limited is new, our company (previously known as Taurus Management Limited) has been working in commercial property syndication since 1998. Over this time, our expert team has accumulated a wealth of expertise in commercial property investment and syndicate management. This means we know which properties make strong investments (and what to avoid), how to effectively manage syndicates and how to raise the capital required to realise new opportunities.

The key to our approach is developing personal relationships with our investors. All the money in the world doesn’t matter if it’s not achieving your goals. We take the time to get to know each and every investor, understand where they are at in life and what their big picture dreams are. We are open and transparent in how we work, and welcome regular contact with our investors. Your confidence means everything to us, and we work exceptionally hard to achieve it.

  • We’ve managed nearly $200m in commercial property assets over 20 years
  • Our current portfolio of property assets is valued at over $100m
  • We currently manage five property syndicates on behalf of over 200 investors
  • Our properties include a mix of industrial, childcare and office